Beta Updates for 3/24/2008

The last week, since we pushed the last beta (codename “Chaser”), has been a busy one, and today we’ve pushed out a relatively significant new release. In addition to the context support (which wasn’t quite ready when we shipped Chaser but which went out the door last week), there is now a bit of a help system (which will walk you pretty much every last feature in the app), along with a ton of bug fixes and minor UI tweaks.

One thing we take very seriously here is that our software just isn’t going to be good enough if we’re not using it day in and day out. Believe me, we tried — the Mercurial directory is littered with projects that haven’t seen the light of day, simply because we couldn’t get them far enough along to show anybody and didn’t really need them ourselves. I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but I’ve been through an awful lot of organizational systems over the years and I haven’t been has happy with any of them as I am with this. And, to a very real extent, the degree to which all of us have been using it has started a substantial feedback loop into the quality of the product itself. If the way a feature works is annoying to me, it’s probably infuriating to our users (assuming they didn’t just give up) — so that moves it way up on my fix list.


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