Beta updates for 3/26/2008

Another day, another batch of updates. Today we added an example project called “Get started with Enleiten” for all new users (and well, everybody’s new to this). This is simply a quick start to get you over the hump of using the system. If you don’t want to see it, just mark the project “Cancelled” and it will go away. Of course, if we missed you, just send a task to support and we’ll get right on it.

Picture 2.png

The rest of the day has been spent chasing a serious of increasingly complex performance issues, but with the net result that we’ve been measuring a speedup of between 40-60 percent. Hopefully it won’t just be faster for us (though that certainly wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened). As always, we welcome feedback from all of our beta testers, and we’ll try to get your issues resolved as quickly as possible.


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