Create tasks from email

We’re rolling out a new feature today: the ability to create tasks in your Enleiten inbox from email. How does it work? Magic. (Or possibly “sufficiently advanced technology.” I always get those two confused.)

Specifically, if you signed up for Enleiten with the username jdoe and the email address is, just send an email from to

(If your username includes spaces or @s, change them to dots: e.g. “” would send to

Steve sends an email from his regular client...

The subject line becomes the task summary, and the body becomes the task details!

...and a new task is created in Steve\'s Enleiten inbox.

We’re working on some additional features, including the ability to send from email addresses other than the one you signed up with (your other email accounts, your cell phone, web services such as Google Calendar and Jott, …), creating multiple tasks from a single email, and setting specific projects and due dates. Is there anything else you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!


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