Using Enleiten with your Franklin-Covey Planner

The classic Franklin-Covey Planner system, as practiced by Stephen Covey, is one of the most popular organizational systems today. If you’re one of its many fans, here are some ideas for how you can best take advantage of Enleiten’s features to help you use the system you know and love.

Always assign Due Dates

Since your Next actions screen displays every task due that day (and, should such a situation arise, everything overdue), you can make sure you can stay on top of each day’s responsibilities by setting a due date on each item as you process it in your Inbox. Additionally, your Datebook will show you all the tasks you have coming up in the next several days.

Use projects and contexts to set priority

Enleiten is designed to encourage a variety of flexible approaches to prioritizing. By dragging and dropping tasks within a project, you can rearrange them to reflect their priority. To use the Franklin planning method in all its rigor, you can combine the project-based approach with contextual tagging: simply create contexts of “A,” “B,” and “C,” and set the priority level on each task using these contexts. You can now review all your Priority-A tasks (in any project or due date) in a single spot.

Do you use the Franklin-Covey system with Enleiten? Share your tips and tricks in the comments! Do you want to get started with Enleiten? Sign up for a free account!


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