I’m loving Maggie Mason’s dream list, and I think it’s an inspiration for all of us list-lovers. And, well, I think my someday/maybe list could use a little more of it.

She’s got big dreams and small dreams:

“Grow vegetables
Try escargot
Help someone get into or through college
Live in another country for a year”

Her readers have contributed some of their own as well.

I’ve got a few of these in my lists, but looking through her 100 things inspires me to add some more. I’m working on a few of mine, like raising my first reasonably good quality koi (hopefully somewhat competently…) and finding actually taking the plunge to start a company with friends. And a few are in my list waiting for me to take action, like working my way through the rest of the French Laundry cookbook and learning a new language.

And I think my life will be enriched if I incorporate more of those into my more mundane to-do lists, to remind myself of how many possibilities there are in the world – and that if I break those goals down into small steps, none of them are impossible.

What’s on your list?


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