MSP GTD Study Group Mondays!

May 30, 2008

Survey results are in, so we’re ready to get going.

Monday or Tuesday evening, once a month was the clear winner, with location preferences all over the map.


Second Monday of the month, 6:00 PM.

We’ll alternate between Minneapolis and St Paul, to even out the driving for everyone.

Our first meeting will then be
June 9, 2008
6:00 PM
Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

For our first meeting, let’s introducing ourselves and our personal systems. Plan to talk about what capture tools you use, how your track your tasks and projects, what contexts do you find helpful, and so forth.

Common Roots has a small but well-chosen selection of beer and wine, N/A beverages, good food, and free wireless access.


Save Time Taking Screenshots

May 27, 2008

I’m still playing around with Skitch, but so far it’s shaved at least 5 minutes off every screenshot I’ve been taking (and yes, this means new documentation is on the way for you!).

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

It’s a free Mac download, and well worth a try. You just click the “snap” icon on the display screen, use the crosshairs to select your capture, and you’re able to edit and annotate that screenshot within a second.

Clearing annotations to create different notes on the same screen capture is a simple button click, too.

Twin Cities GTD Study Group

May 22, 2008

We’ve been getting questions about local resources to meet other people interested in using David Allen’s Getting Things Done method for personal productivity. So we’re happy to announce we’ll be organizing a (tool-neutral) GTD study group. Meet up and talk about your favorite tips for implementing GTD, how to adapt GTD to your work situation, and if you’re new to the system, where to get started.

To vote on your preferred times and locations, please fill out a quick (less than 2 minute…) 3 question survey so we can find the best time to schedule to accommodate as many people as possible.

Click Here to take survey.

We’ll leave the survey up until May 28, 2008, and plan to set up the first meeting in June. Thursday, May 29th I’ll pass on the results and announce our first meeting here on the blog.

Multiple email address support

May 21, 2008

We’ve just pushed out version 1.0.3 of Enleiten Personal Edition, which allows you to, among other things, associate additional email addresses with your account. You may find this useful in a couple of ways.

First, who doesn’t have multiple email addresses? You can now add both work and home, and forward tasks to your inbox from whichever email system you happen to be using at the time. Remember, that’s ‘’.

Second, if you’re using delegation (which I’d highly recommend — nothing gets you to inbox zero quite as quickly as passing the buck), you can send and receive assignments to any of your registered addresses.

We’ve moved (a little)!

May 20, 2008

We’ve moved Enleitened to it’s more permanent home at The links should continue to work, and we’ll continue to work on building the best project planning software we can.

Version 1.0 no more

May 19, 2008

Over the last few , we’ve pushed two new minor releases. 1.0.1 went out Thursday with fixes for a boatload (well, maybe a dinghy-load) of minor bugs that didn’t make the cutoff for 1.0, along with a working implementation of re-assignment. Yes, that means you can reassign tasks that have been assigned to you.

1.0.2 went out today, adding the ability to bypass the Inbox and create create tasks directly in the project you’re looking at. This should save some time with project planning.


As always, if you don’t yet have an account or were avoiding the terrifying dot-zero, you can always sign up for a free account here.

Make Time Tracking Easier

May 15, 2008

I am becoming increasingly enamored of Jott.

If you haven’t tried it, you sign up with your cell phone, and add contacts. You can just call Jott, tell it who to send a message to, and leave a voice message. They’ll transcribe it (speaking clearly really, really helps…), and email both the text message and the recording to you or one of your contacts.

How does this help with billable hours? If you’re using time tracking on your computer, it’s easy enough to keep your application of choice open to mark time. If you’re on the road, however, try Jott. Call in and send yourself (or your assistant) a message with the start time and project name. Call in again on your way out the door. By the time you get back to your computer, you’ll probably already have emails documenting which jobs you worked on and how much time you spent working on them.

There are lots of other tips for using Jott on the Jotter blog.

And yes, an integration to let you Jott tasks to your Enleiten account is coming soon, we promise. Because we really want it, too.