Minnebar Love!

MinneBar post event social

Photo from Graeme Thickins After 10 hours the crowd was still going strong.

The Enleiten crew has just about slept off the excitement of Minnebar now, and I’m busily working on getting the slides from GTD and start-ups ready for the web. With the support of some fantastic sponsors, over 400 people met for happy hour at the Bulldog, poured into Coffman Union for sessions, and met at the Campus Club mixer.

From implementing social search in a corporate environment to help your employees uncover internal expertise, to a keynote panel on the State of Technology in Minnesota, over 400 attendees in the local tech community were a bustle of presentations, socializing, and demonstrating some truly great tech application, it was great to be there and participate.

And many, many thanks to the great crowd that stuck it out on a long day from 8:30 AM all the way to the 5 PM session to join us for GTD and Startups. As a result of some of the post-session conversation, I’ll be working on setting up a local group to get together and share their experiences using the GTD methodology, details to follow. If you’re interested in joining the group, have votes for a good location, or want to be added to a mailing list for scheduling, leave a note in the comments or drop us a line at info@enleiten.com


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