Version 1? Yes! Version 1!

Tonight we’ll be pushing the button and releasing version 1.0 of Enleiten’s personal project manager. So you know what you’ll see when you log in, here’s the release preview for you. Sign up for a free account.

Any questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feedback? Assign us a task from your Enleiten account and we’ll get right on it, or send us an email at

In response to user comments, we’ve made a number of improvements to the interface:

– Task lists are now in table format, so you can see due dates, whether you have comments, and whether a task has been delegated without opening the task for additional detail. You can double-click to edit the summary, context and dates directly from the table.


– In table view you can resort your tasks on the fly – just click the header to sort by project, context, date, etc.

– You can select multiple rows to batch process your inbox. Just click a task, hold down shift, and click another task to select a range. Or command-click on a mac or control-click on a pc to select nonadjacent rows. You can drag the whole set of selected tasks to a contact to delegate, to a context to tag them, or into a project in the left hand navigation just like before.


– Clicking a contact name from your list will show you everything that’s been assigned to that person. So when they’re on the phone, just click their name and review everything you need to check on in one place.


– Use the email address you signed up with to create tasks. Send a message to and the subject line will become the task summary, and the message body will be entered as task detail. If you used your email address for your username, then substitute a period for the @, ie,

– “View all tasks” has been added, so you can see everything at once (perfect for streamlining your weekly review).


We’ve got more features up our sleeves that you’ve requested, and your comments help us decide which ones to roll out next, so if you can spare a minute, we’d love a quick message from you.


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