MSP GTD Study Group Mondays!

Survey results are in, so we’re ready to get going.

Monday or Tuesday evening, once a month was the clear winner, with location preferences all over the map.


Second Monday of the month, 6:00 PM.

We’ll alternate between Minneapolis and St Paul, to even out the driving for everyone.

Our first meeting will then be
June 9, 2008
6:00 PM
Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

For our first meeting, let’s introducing ourselves and our personal systems. Plan to talk about what capture tools you use, how your track your tasks and projects, what contexts do you find helpful, and so forth.

Common Roots has a small but well-chosen selection of beer and wine, N/A beverages, good food, and free wireless access.


2 Responses to MSP GTD Study Group Mondays!

  1. Brian says:


    It’s 6:30 and I’m here at Common Roots, but I don’t see anyone who looks like they’re looking at GTD stuff. If anyone is here, please come grab me. I’m near the patio door in a green shirt with a tree on it.


  2. Eric Hedberg says:

    So very sorry about that. I promise we’ll have signs up next time.


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