Using Jott with Enleiten

June 29, 2008

We’ve become badly addicted to the most excellent Jott here at Enleiten. Unfortunately, while it’s incredibly easy to use and quite useful, it hasn’t been possible to integrate into our trusted system until now. We are still waiting for Jott developers to add us to their official list of Jott Links, but until they do, here’s how you can set up a custom link yourself. Read the rest of this entry »


Dynamic Dialogs with Rails and YUI

June 26, 2008

This tutorial is a followup to Instant Shiny Forms with Rails and YUI, with a bit more of an interesting technique that (I think, at least) really demonstrates where YUI shines. In the last tutorial, we embedded a hidden form in a “show” view, so we could render a YUI dialog instead of loading the edit page separately, or using a technique like in-place editing. While this is useful, I find it to be of somewhat limited utility. In this article I’ll demonstrate a technique to move that dialog to the index view using the Yahoo Connection Manager, so we can skip the show step all together. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s new at Enleiten

June 25, 2008

You’ve been sending us feature requests and suggestions to improve our interface, and we’ve just rolled out a bunch of the changes you’ve been asking for

If you like to prioritize your projects, you can now choose the order your projects are in to customize the display order of your projects. (The “all projects” link is at the bottom of the project panel in basic accounts)

Adding tasks directly to projects has been improved:

Under “Profile”, you can now also set a variety of email options. Add additional email addresses so you can forward tasks directly to your Enleiten inbox.

In your profile, you can also opt to receive a daily email of your next actions list, or any contexts you choose.

We’ve also added basic search, so you can locate your tasks individually.

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment or send a task to us at Enleiten support.

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How GTD saved the wedding. (well, at least the flowers)

June 18, 2008

Groom's Boutonniere with Mini callas and lily of the valley

A few months ago I’d offered to help some friends with their wedding and put together their flowers. In GTD style, I put everything in my system: requests for the list of corsages needed, requests for photos of bouquets the couple had found online and liked, information about when the flowers needed to be available for photos at the ceremony, etc. And most importantly, the RFQ I sent my supplier.

I’d used this vendor before for flowers, because it was quick and easy to email in a list of what I was looking for a checking prices. So off it went, with the waiting task in place, and out of my head.

Having the system in place saved me on this one, because my weekly review came around and that request had been sitting too long. Turns out my supplier was no longer in business, even though their email didn’t bounce and their website and price list were still up and running. Running across that outstanding item on my list was an excellent prompt at a time I wasn’t thinking about the project all the time, with the focus on picking up hardware and getting my schedule at work in order.

With that prompt in mind, I had enough time to call on my request, find out what was happening, and deal with the crisis of locating a new supplier who still had time to get my order placed with the growers.

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Gerbera daisies

For any other aspiring wedding couples out there, we’ll be putting together a set of wedding checklist templates. You’ll be able to sign up for an account and do all your wedding planning online, a great way to coordinate with family and loved ones dispersed across the country to get your wedding plans done.

It’ll take us a few more weeks before those checklists come out of beta to play, but if you’ve got samples of your checklist you’d like to contribute, or would be interested in getting into the beta early to help us finetune it, drop us a line at

Ad free for everyone for a week

June 13, 2008

A big welcome to GTD Times readers.

We’ve had some comments about the ads interfering with trying out our application, so we’ve turned off ads on all free accounts for the week. Ad-free accounts are $5 a month, and we’ll work on bringing back less obtrusive ones when we turn them back on.

If you’ve got comments or suggestions for us, please feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an email at We value your comments, and user requests weigh heavily in deciding what changes and improvements we make.

If you’re looking for some quick ways to get started, we’ve got screenshots outlining the feature sets in our help documentation, and some short screencasts to let you see how things work.

A quick note for users of other apps: Checking off the box next to a task entry marks it as complete. To edit task details, you can double click on the item you want to change, or click the “i” on the right to get into extended details.

Review: Enleiten by MInnov8

June 12, 2008

I had the pleasure of chatting with Steve Borsch earlier this week. He’s a GTD fan, longtime tech advisor and expert, and contributor to Minnov8, a community blog covering emerging tech in MN. In addition to giving us some excellent feedback, he’s reviewed Enleiten’s GTD and project management application.

…Enleiten has nailed the workflow and functionality (Projects/People/Contexts) in much the same way that Google nailed search vs. cluttering up the page with lots of ads, upsells and cross selling. They’ve hit the sweet spot of GTD and lightweight project management and coupled it with a group approach — one I’d term a “social GTD” application.

As more of us seek ways to coordinate and orchestrate our activities with an ever widening number of other always-on, always-connected, and willingly participative people (many of whom have already embraced GTD), Enleiten has significant opportunity to become a preferred and social way to get things done.

Read the rest:
Enleiten: A Social GTD

Instant Shiny Forms with Rails and YUI

June 7, 2008

This tutorial will demonstrate how to convert standalone Ruby on Rails forms to a YUI dialog (hey, it’s one less page load) in only 4 easy steps.

We’ll start with a quick and dirty (and all scaffold) blogging app. I assume you know a thing or two and don’t need me to walk through this. You’ll note that there are no changes required to your controllers to make this work.

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