Review: Enleiten by MInnov8

I had the pleasure of chatting with Steve Borsch earlier this week. He’s a GTD fan, longtime tech advisor and expert, and contributor to Minnov8, a community blog covering emerging tech in MN. In addition to giving us some excellent feedback, he’s reviewed Enleiten’s GTD and project management application.

…Enleiten has nailed the workflow and functionality (Projects/People/Contexts) in much the same way that Google nailed search vs. cluttering up the page with lots of ads, upsells and cross selling. They’ve hit the sweet spot of GTD and lightweight project management and coupled it with a group approach — one I’d term a “social GTD” application.

As more of us seek ways to coordinate and orchestrate our activities with an ever widening number of other always-on, always-connected, and willingly participative people (many of whom have already embraced GTD), Enleiten has significant opportunity to become a preferred and social way to get things done.

Read the rest:
Enleiten: A Social GTD


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