Version 1.2 Release

July 31, 2008

We just released version 1.2 of Enleiten’s personal project management application.

Here’s what’s new!

Entering details for new projects has been improved.

Create New Project

Create New Project

In project view, you can now see the order of tasks within a project. You can drag and drop tasks to change the order, and click on the headings to change the sorting to retrieve tasks more easily.

Task priority numbering

Task priority numbering

The task detail screen has been overhauled based on your suggestions.

Editing task details doesn’t require a full page load, to make that quicker. (Remember, you can also double click a task field in a project view to edit commonly used information directly.)

Edit Task Details

Edit Task Details

Comments will be hidden by default after you’ve viewed them to make it easier to see new discussions about a task. Clicking “show” will give you access to older older comments.

View Comments on a Task

View Comments on a Task

When you assign a task to a contact, you can now choose whether to email them a notification or not. Anything you assign will moved to your waiting list, and can be retrieved by clicking the contact’s name – whether we sent them a copy of the task or you are just keeping a record for yourself of outstanding items.

Notify About Assignment

Notify About Assignment

Paid accounts also have an option to attach files to tasks. (up to 500 MB in the Personal $5/month edition)

Attach File to a Task

Attach File to a Task

If you would rather not get notifications of every comment on a delegated task and new assignments you’ve received by email, you can now disable that your profile.

Comment Notification Email Option

Comment Notification Email Option

We hope you love the changes as much as we do. Please continue to share your ideas and ask us questions and help us improve.

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Enleiten Support Update

July 28, 2008

Badge_logo_smallIf you’ve been contacting us with questions by email or by assigning us tasks to the built-in support contact, you can still continue to do so.

We’ve also signed up with Get Satisfaction for an account, so if you prefer to contact us in an online forum, we’ll also be reading and responding there. Feel free to stop by, say hello, or even start a discussion talking about how you’ve set up your Enleiten account.

Speed up email with custom email templates

July 23, 2008

I’ve been talking with one of our users about ways to streamline some of his business operations. Sending inquiry emails to sale listings takes up a lot of his time, so we were looking for a way to speed those up. Developing email templates is a great way to speed up your workflow on repetitive tasks. Unlike mass mailings, it still allows you add a personal touch and comment to each recipient.

Tim Ferris has more on creating and using standardized emails in his book, The 4-Hour Workweek. He’s also got some great comments about making email productive and not getting bogged checking messages all day.

Outlook’s built in template function makes it easy to save them, but opening one up takes almost as long as rewriting for short messages. Greg Shultz over has TechRepubic has a nice tutorial on creating your templates and then adding them to your menu bar so you can generate emails from a template quickly.

If you’re a Gmail user, this handy Google homepage module can help you create you templates as well: Gmail Template Generator. Here’s a quick example to show it in action.

Just type in the details in the form.

Hit “generate” to create the message and see how it looks.

Then bookmark the URL to save the template.

Coming Soon

July 21, 2008

We’ve been busy working on some improvements based on your feedback again, so here’s a quick preview of what will be coming with the next release. Some minor bug fixes have been pushed.

We’ve streamlined the new project creation process, so you can enter details about your new projects when you create them.

This new project creation will also make it easier for pro users to create new checklist templates, assign groups, and change whether a project belongs to a group.

We’ve added task numbering within projects as well, so in addition to clicking on a heading to resort your projects by date, context, etc, you can get back to the prioritized order with a single click. Tasks can still be reordered by dragging and dropping in the project list when sorted numerically.

For those of you requesting additional customizability, you’ll be able to make changes to your email preferences to control the types of notifications you receive.