Jott Integration

I’m pleased to announce that Jott has added a Premium Jott Link for Enleiten. While full signup instructions are here, all you really need to do is sign into your Jott account (post-beta, this requires some level of paid account), click “Add Jott Links”, choose “Premium Links”, and click “Add” next to the Enleiten icon. Feel free to change the link name if you’re so inclined, and check “Send SMS Response” if you would like to get a confirmation. Click save, and you’ll be briefly redirected back to Enleiten. If you’re not currently logged in, you’ll be prompted for your Enleiten login, otherwise you’ll immediately be redirected back to Jott. That’s it.

Now, just call into Jott, answer “Enleiten” (yes, they do know what it sounds like), and record your message. A new task will be added to your Enleiten inbox, with a link in the details back to the full audio.


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