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  1. Olly says:

    Re comments on GTD Times.
    Scrapbook idea.
    I like to use an area to ‘dump’ random thoughts and interesting sites/ book reviews etc as I find them, and brainstorm a new project, or brainstorm solutions for a stalled project.
    This allows freeflow of ideas and creativity, from which I can identify new next actions and can refer back to as the project progreses.
    It could also hold reference material for projects and someday maybe, which means all relevant material is easily accessible from one place easily linked to the project/ task.
    For me this would need –
    1) Allow multiple formats, eg hyperlinks maybe dragged onto scrapbook, pics, file links or embedded, inking (I use a tablet pc)
    2) 2 way quick linking between task/ project and scrapbook
    3) Ability to generate tasks from within scrapbook – and when completed in Enleiten somehow mark this in scrapbook
    4) Look funky, be fun to use.
    Obviously you are familiar with Evernote, and OneNote. There is also Inkseine for tablets which is very funky. Not sure whether integration with an existing product would be better to save reinventing the wheel, or picking the best bits of these and creating your own in Enleiten.
    More than happy to contribute further if desired.
    All the best
    Olly (via GTD Times)

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